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    Transforming retail. One data point at a time.

    As the leader in Retail Intelligence, we help retailers drive better outcomes through AI-driven Market and Enterprise Intelligence to fuel Automation. By connecting business analytics and external market data, brands like Columbia and Inditex use the EDITED Retail Intelligence products to make better data-backed decisions, expediting insights into action.

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    • Our mission

      EDITED was created to help retailers win. With our Retail Intelligence Platform, we help remove the guesswork so your business can identify opportunities or avoid making one wrong costly decision.

    • Our team

      The EDITED team consists of data scientists, engineers, retail professionals and analysts who all work together, building out the platform to revolutionize the way retailers do business.

    • Our platform

      With tracking on 3.5 billion+ SKUs worldwide, the EDITED data platform uses AI and machine learning to help retailers make the best decisions in a more profitable and coordinated way.


    The EDITED Team

    We're engineers, data scientists and retail strategists - working together to reinvent a trillion dollar industry.

  • Aleisha Hammond
    Aleisha Hammond
  • Kayla Marci
    Kayla Marci
  • Efren Fernandez
    Efren Fernandez
  • John Newman
    John Newman
  • Katie Thatcher
    Katie Thatcher
  • Andrew Fei
    Andrew Fei
  • Emily Bezzant
    Emily Bezzant
  • Bridget Grigsby
    Bridget Grigsby
  • Katerina Moumtzoglou
    Katerina Moumtzoglou
  • Humberto de Sousa
    Humberto de Sousa
  • Steicy Fajardo
    Steicy Fajardo
  • Grace Hill
    Grace Hill
  • Nikolaos Printzios
    Nikolaos Printzios
  • Sydney Arruda
    Sydney Arruda
  • Kishneil Maharaj
    Kishneil Maharaj
  • Geoff Watts
    Geoff Watts
  • Ella Williams
    Ella Williams
  • Clara Bergdahl
    Clara Bergdahl
  • Rebecca Milne
    Rebecca Milne
  • Emily Jenkins
    Emily Jenkins
  • Robyn Smith
    Robyn Smith
  • Martha Giannoudovardi
    Martha Giannoudovardi
  • Avery Faigen
    Avery Faigen
  • Andrine Alver
    Andrine Alver
  • Aleksandar Savovski
    Aleksandar Savovski
  • Matt Hill
    Matt Hill
  • RyanMcCorry
  • Ann Dale
    Ann Dale
  • Daphne Duong
    Daphne Duong
  • Nicole Danilewitz
    Nicole Danilewitz
  • Aaron Franz
    Aaron Franz
  • Simon Walton
    Simon Walton
  • Daisy Wright
    Daisy Wright
  • Venetia Fryzer
    Venetia Fryzer
  • Travis Woodruff
    Travis Woodruff
  • Peter Wells
    Peter Wells
  • Samantha Costanza
    Samantha Costanza
  • Hristo Tsekov
    Hristo Tsekov
  • Grace Mellor
    Grace Mellor
  • Emily Digges la Touche
    Emily Digges la Touche
  • Jessica Berry
    Jessica Berry
  • Kristina Mills
    Kristina Mills
  • Jennifer Day
    Jennifer Day
  • Kristine Avila
    Kristine Avila
  • Simon Link
    Simon Link
  • Sam Foot
    Sam Foot
  • Olly Bey
    Olly Bey
  • Sean Garner
    Sean Garner
  • Kelly Bulmer
    Kelly Bulmer
  • Kevin Manley
    Kevin Manley
  • Sophie Bailey
    Sophie Bailey
  • Lauren Reid
    Lauren Reid
  • Sarah Young
    Sarah Young
  • Poppy Wright
    Poppy Wright
  • Deyan Vatsov
    Deyan Vatsov
  • Karis Munday
    Karis Munday
  • Ali Sali
    Ali Sali
  • Aoife Byrne
    Aoife Byrne
  • Prem Patel
    Prem Patel
  • Brent Baker
    Brent Baker
  • Svetsolav Rankov
    Svetsolav Rankov
  • Jessica Browne
    Jessica Browne
  • Mike Niemann
    Mike Niemann
  • Bethany Hack
    Bethany Hack
  • Nishtha Kalyani
    Nishtha Kalyani
  • Tosin Awe
    Tosin Awe
  • Anna Cain
    Anna Cain
  • Ashley Mendoza
    Ashley Mendoza
  • Brian Tomz
    Brian Tomz
  • Carlos Lavos
    Carlos Lavos
  • Rosie Wetzel
    Rosie Wetzel
  • Charlotte Crowe
    Charlotte Crowe
  • Jeremy Stenger
    Jeremy Stenger
  • Dav Namdag
    Dav Namdag
  • Carl Kammerer
    Carl Kammerer
  • Sam Berry
    Sam Berry
  • Katharine Carter
    Katharine Carter
  • Petar Luladiev
    Petar Luladiev
  • Heather Ibberson
    Heather Ibberson
  • Sam Whitehall
    Sam Whitehall
  • Germain Chazot
    Germain Chazot
  • Joe Berry
    Joe Berry
  • Georgia Swan
    Georgia Swan
  • Katherine Bailey
    Katherine Bailey
  • Krista Corrigan
    Krista Corrigan
  • Emma Carleton
    Emma Carleton
  • Saskia Wallace
    Saskia Wallace
  • Emily Johnson
    Emily Johnson
  • Diana Bang
    Diana Bang
  • Amanda Johnston
    Amanda Johnston
  • Steve Howard
    Steve Howard
  • Marie Le Lay
    Marie Le Lay
  • Julia Fowler
    Julia Fowler
  • Shayne Stilman
    Shayne Stilman
  • Nicole Werdal
    Nicole Werdal
  • Mark Jenkins
    Mark Jenkins
  • Jessica Winward
    Jessica Winward
  • Tara Drury
    Tara Drury
  • Courtney Nevin
    Courtney Nevin
  • Joe Aleardi
    Joe Aleardi
  • Tim Koger
    Tim Koger
  • Rosie Hood
    Rosie Hood
  • John Barninger
    John Barninger
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